About Waxii

In recent times, the automotive industry has seen a rapid decline in profitability and traditional revenue streams, this is a result of massive changes in technology. Third party online platforms have forever changed the sector’s landscape, taking control away from automotive retail vehicle operations.

Waxii was conceptualised to help the global automotive industry leverage technology to their advantage and regain control of their once lucrative retail vehicle businesses.  It introduces efficiencies across the buying and selling lifecycle of a vehicle, for the retailers, wholesalers, and the customers.  Everyone wins!

Waxii is more than just software; it’s an end-to-end methodology with embedded business processes, developed by people with industry experience to help the industry leverage against this new technology and innovation and once again prosper in this significant market.

Now it’s time, the time is now!


Cloud Platform

100% cloud service, no server infrastructure needed!  

Cross Platform

Web App, iOS and Android Compatibility ensures no one is left behind. Any device, anywhere, any time.

Multi Lingual Support

Build in Multi Lingual Support makes Waxii poised to take on the world.

Integrations Galore

Integrations with Dealer Management Systems, government agencies and third party services brings everything together into one platform.

The Automotive industry is experiencing a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, with technology and innovation superseding the traditional business models. Of Course with times of great change also come times of great opportunity.
Our focus, indeed passion, is to create innovative products that deliver real value and enable our clients to thrive in this dynamic environment. This guiding principle will be a key measurement of the success of our company.

I believe Waxii is one such product and is a real “game changer” for the industry. It will have a significant impact on how new and used vehicle markets operate, stripping out much of the inefficiency and providing dealers with greater visibility over the end to end buying/selling cycle.

Having spent a lifetime in the automotive business, it is a great pleasure to join with like-minded industry professionals who share the same vision, and are genuinely interested in seeing those invested in the automotive industry prosper through innovation.

Paul Kyriakou
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